Catalyze Compassion

I help individuals and organizations

Group sharing at Compassion Cultivation Training

Compassion Training

I am the only certified teacher in Alberta
to deliver the evidence-based
Compassion Cultivation Training program developed at Stanford University.


Personal Development

My signature Heartlife Framework helps ambitious women respond to their yearning for a larger, deeper life.

Keynote speaker at conference

Keynote Speaking

I will inspire your people with a fresh perspective on the science and heart of compassion and set them up with transformative tools.



I believe that compassion

makes our world a better place. Everyone needs it and

everyone has it to give.

Receiving compassion helps
people move through challenges. Giving compassion feels good

It's both science and heart.

As a compassion researcher and teacher, I help people bring together this science and their hearts to catalyze compassion and wellbeing in daily life.






 Compassion Cultivation Training© (CCT™) is an 8-week program that brings together evidence-based techniques of mindfulness and the science of compassion to strengthen the practice of compassion in daily living. The exercises of CCT build mental habits that, over time, are demonstrated to open the heart and promote personal well-being, resilience, and meaningful human connections, even in challenging circumstances.


My PhD research focuses on how experiences of awe and wonder relate to expressions of compassion by healthcare providers toward residents in long-term care settings.

Awe-inspiring geography


Whether you want to introduce compassion to your people in a keynote, or dive deep in a retreat or workshop format, let's work together to catalyze compassion that resonates with your audience.