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Way to go awesome adventurer! Your roadmap starts here.
Your go-getter mentality is rocket-fuel for the journey. Your best life, what I call your #heartlife, is waiting for you

Image by Oliver Cole

The Courageous Path

is your portal to the #heartlife you desire


You deserve it! You’ve already come this far and are ready to go the next leg. Courage will be your guide toward the #heartlife that is you living out your whole-hearted, authentic self. Livin’ your #heartlife is freeing. It allows you to be the person inside that’s yearning to emerge, to make real your destiny. You know, the life you think about when you imagine what life could be.



I see you over there. You’ve got big dreams! But, you — like many of us — sometimes keep them tucked away from criticism and the possibility of failure. You want to take the next step, but it might not work out and then what? You want to unleash your potential, but what if it does work out, and you’re playing at a whole new level!! You wonder if you can handle it? And what will other people say about seeing you rise? I’ve been there. It gives you whiplash with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. One minute you are lurching forward and the next it’s an abrupt stop...


... however, from the other side, I’m here to tell you that you can achieve anything you put your heart into. I believe in you. Each of us is born for greatness and the world needs the greatness that you alone can provide. You just need the roadmap to success.

There’s been a lot of upheaval in our world lately. Plans have been scuttled; we’ve all had to change course countless times. However, what better time is there than this Great Reset to take back some control, to reconnect with your heart, and to make sure you’re headed where you want to go.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” Erma Bombeck

Now that you’ve found your unique path to lead you through life’s roadblocks and barriers, you’re on a meaningful course toward the #heartlife that you were created for.


Here are the first few landmarks on your Courageous Path roadmap.


Landmark #1 - Knowing

Learn the facts of fear


Did you know that fear is simply a flood of chemicals in your brain? Knowledge is power and allows us to hack the flow of those chemicals to curb our fear. This is why I love science! Intentional distraction is one of those hacks. It shuts off that flow of fear and turns on the tap of good chemicals instead. You can take a few deep breaths paired with full exhalations. But if deep breathing isn’t your jam you could even play a quick strategy game on your phone. (I’m an old-school Tetris fan myself.) It sounds crazy, but a strategy game is magic because it engages the problem-solving area of your brain, which takes energy away from the emotional area that processes fear.  Without energy the chemicals stop flowing and so does your fear. Cool!


So, the next time you feel fear alighting the butterflies in your stomach or tightening your chest. Take 5 or 10 min. to engage in limited period of distraction and let those chemicals drift away. You then want to paint a picture in your mind of you doing the thing that previously scared you with calm and confidence and most importantly “get back on the horse” as my grandpa used to say. Take one small step in that direction, followed by another, and then another. You’ll be on your way!



Landmark #2 - Doing

Do something unfamiliar


What new food might you sample? Is there a local landmark you’ve never been to before that you could check out?


Courage is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Think of building strength in your body. You start with lighter weights and you get stronger you move on to heavier weights. The muscle growth happens through the zone of resistance. You want it to be a challenge, but it can’t be so heavy that it’s impossible to lift or hurts you in the process. 


Likewise, when you do something new, it challenges your fear of uncertainty and provides an opportunity for something good to be associated with that act of stepping out of your comfort zone. This builds your courage and diminishes the strength of your fear. Start gradually and pick up steam as you go.



Landmark #3 - Being

Keep your focus on the road

Human beings have an incredible ability to adapt. By keeping your eyes looking forward you can see what is coming and that allows you to take the curves and potholes as they come. Focus can be cultivated in many ways. You might set an intention that leads you forward. Consider the goals you have achieved in the past and how that creates fuel and momentum for what is next. You’ve got what it takes! Perhaps you crank your favourite tunes to keep you upbeat. Music moves you! Habit-stacking or pairing something you want to do with something you’re already doing is also a great way to be intentional. The current habit motivates a second. Find out what works for you and make it part of your routine.



Landmark #4 - Together

Create accountability


Having people who can be on our side without any threat of competition or shame creates a safe space. Let them be the ones you can ask questions to or name the things you keep secret from the people you don’t want to disappoint or fear outshining. Ask someone to be your accountability partner. Let them know where you’re headed so they can support you along the way. And if your BFF doesn’t quite fit the bill for this one there is a whole community of #HeartTenders in our private Facebook group. This is the place to take your courage for a spin. Come hang out, I’m there too, cheering you all on.

Supporting you to shape your best life, to live your #heartlife is my great joy! You need not journey alone.

Like a soundtrack for the your journey
- here are some tracks to get you moving

Journeying from Fear to Courage

Instead of ignoring what unsettles you or stuffing it away, you can shore up your courage.


Josh and I trained together to deliver Compassion Cultivation Training. He is a great guy and I love his podcast.


Take some time to explore different aspects of courage with these writing prompts

Meet your guide!

Hi there! I’m Daranne (yes like the band, Duran Duran, though, as you can see, spelled differently).


I went from the little girl with a big heart to the C-suite executive where suddenly my heart-driven leadership was seen as a hindrance. I loved my work, but the job was destroying my soul. I went from bounding out the door with energy to counting the minutes until I might escape the office. I wanted to hide to keep away from all the subtle moves to devalue or strip away what made me shine. My light was going out. I brought my stress home and that messed with family life too. Something had to give, and I decided it couldn’t be that life-source within me!


So, I left to pursue PhD research on the science of compassion and I’ve never looked back. The research process deepens my understanding of how we process the world around us and how it affects us. Science provides tools to enhance personal and collective wellbeing. By integrating the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology with ancient wisdom traditions, I’ve developed my own framework to help ambitious women move from stuck and unsatisfied to heart-centered fulfilment and joy.


If you want to step into something different or something more, you’re in the right place. I’m all about helping women just like you to tap into their own heart and let their unique goodness flow. I bring the rigour of science and a compassionate heart to catalyze your transformation.


I’m so excited you’re here and I can’t wait to help you chart a course to your best life, the #heartlife you deserve.



What Happens Next?

Now that you know your unique path to the #heartlife you desire, your journey begins. I know you’re ready, and you’ve got what it takes. You make the path by walking it. You are in control and your #heartlife is waiting for you. Journey well #HeartTender, journey well!


P.S. This is just the beginning… 


Don’t worry! I’m not the kind of person who points you in a direction and then abandons you on the path. I’m here to help you make it to your destination. 


Keep an eye on your inbox because I’ll be popping in along the way with more of my best tips, and tricks to keep you moving toward all the possibilities that your #heartlife opens up for you! 


In the meantime, why not get on the road to your #heartlife right now by connecting with fellow #HeartTenders in our Facebook group, the Heartlife Community. It’s like being on the ultimate virtual road trip!

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