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C A T A L Y Z I N G  C O M P A S S I O N



Make Sense of that Inner Tug Toward the Life You Really Want &

Shape Your Best Life By Living Your #heartlife

6 weeks to break free from what is holding you back, imagine the possibilities,
cultivate the support you need, embrace your call to something more
& step into your best life


Heartlife Quick Start

Step into the science and learn some basics of mindfulness to equip you for discovery.


Igniting What You Love

(Re)discover what makes your heart full


Staring Down the Overwhelm

Name the pain and break through the distractions and barriers

In the 6-week Heartlife Transformation Kickstart you will be guided through


Claiming Your Joy

Explore where your joy
comes from and how
you can tap into it


Blending Heart & Ambition

Set your intentions
and nurture them


Living Your #heartlife

It's all about integration - so you can continue to shape your best life

About Your Instructor

Daranne Harris

I had what was supposed to be my dream job and a wonderful family and yet the pieces just didn’t fit. I was unhappy and felt like I was trapped.

I prayed, read a tonne of self-improvement books, doubled down on yoga and running... And nothing quite worked. Can you ambitious career women relate?

Eventually I walked away from my job and took a leap of faith into the world of compassion research. I’ve been absolutely enthralled with weaving together threads of psychology, neuroscience, and contemplative studies.

While I don't claim to know it all, I bring together the science and heart (spirituality for some) to help people integrate and catalyze this wholehearted approach to living. I've created the program I needed in my deep restlessness, swinging between polarities of both overwhelm and underwhelm, so you too can create your #heartlife.

HeartLife Transformation Kickstart participants get
6 weeks of live, interactive, original content

so that you can create a life that flows from your true self




Weekly Group Coaching Calls to Personalize Your Plan


Video – “My 5 Favourite Mind-Body Practices” to Harness the Gift of Your Body and Mind


Access to Private Facebook Group so that You Don’t Quit Until You See Results


3-month Heartlife Premier Membership including Access to New Content, Monthly Coaching Calls
After the Challenge & the Community of #HeartTenders to Support You on the Journey

6-Week Heartlife Transformation Kickstart - February 1 to March 13, 2021

Reserve your spot among a select group of motivated women who will have the opportunity to work closely with Heartlife creator, Daranne Harris, to achieve the kind of life that energizes them.


Would you LOVE to stop abandoning what you want and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving forward momentum you feel good about?

Register NOW to join the Winter Cohort.

If you are still sitting on the fence, here is what you need to know...


When does it start?
In Spring 2021, the next cohort of participants in The Heartlife Transformation Kickstart will kick off their journey to achieve a more meaningful life withOUT adding to the overwhelm.


Who is it for?
The program is specifically designed for the restless career women who is experiencing a growing pull toward something MORE in their life.


What’s included?
You’ll get 6 weeks of original content that brings together leading research in psychology, neuroscience, and contemplative practices to guide your life design, weekly live video interaction with me to ask questions, and a supportive community of #HeartTenders who will be rooting for you and celebrating your success.


How much time do I need?
You decide how much time you want to invest, it can be as little as 30 minutes a day, or longer if you wish to go deeper.


Why would I do this now?
You deserve your best life sooner rather than later. Plus, now is a time of collective reset, so use that momentum to your advantage!


Are you just going to teach me how to meditate?
While science does reveal how meditation can support psych-social wellbeing, it is but one tool we explore. You might choose to integrate meditation in your #heartlife, or lean towards other practices that support you.

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