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You are in!

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I look forward to helping you sustain and grow your compassion in the coming 8 weeks.


Week 1 -

Steady & calm the mind

Yoga at Home

Week 3 -

Compassion for oneself

Week 5 -

Common humanity

Week 7 -

Active compassion practice

Week 2 -

Compassion for a loved one

Week 4 -

Loving-kindness for oneself

Week 6 -

Compassion for others

Week 8 -

Integrated compassion cultivation

Meet your teacher, Daranne Harris.

I’ve both seen and experienced moments of great compassion and, sadly, times when compassion was palpably absent. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about compassion as a shared human value. However, thinking wasn’t enough. I needed to do something.


I’m the kind of person who prefers a hands-on approach. I’d rather be in the action than looking on. And so, I resigned my executive role in healthcare to pursue doctoral studies in healthcare at the University of Calgary. Research and knowledge translation are my avenue for better understanding the how and why of compassion in various contexts and helping others catalyze compassion in their lives, organizations, communities, and our world.


I’m honoured to be among a growing community of compassion researchers. I’ve so enjoyed connecting with the work of faculty at Stanford University and being accredited as a Certified Teacher for Compassion Cultivation Training, to grow a people’s capacity for compassion even in the face of difficult circumstances. Together, in partnership with individuals and organizations, we bring research into practice to transform the suffering and challenges that are part of our human experience. We ease individual suffering. We bridge divides. We build community.


I hope you will join me in this movement. We all need compassion and compassion is in us to give!



Participants say:

“It has changed how I perceive difficult people.”

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